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Mister B Intersex Progress Pride Flag 90cm x 150cm


Show your Intersex pride and inclusivity with the Mister B Intersex Progress Pride Flag! The Intersex flag is a yellow base, with a purple ring in the middle of it. It has recently been incorporated into a redesign of the Progress Pride Flag as a way of recognizing and including intersex folks in the celebrations. Motivated by the BLM movement, the Progress Pride Flag was created in 2020, as a way of explicitly including queer people of colour and trans folks and in 2021, this newer rendition of the Pride flag was created to include intersex folks too.

Made with durable polyester, it is 90 x 150 cm in size. A flag is a great way to show what you stand for!

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The original intersex flag is a yellow base with a purple ring in the centre. The colours purple and yellow were used in the design as an intentional counterpoint to the more traditionally gendered colours blue and pink. The designer is Australian Morgan Carpenter, who says the ring in the design is a symbol of being whole and unbroken. It is meant to offer a meaningful alternative to how intersex folks have been represented and treated by the medical establishment and broader society.

Someone who may identify as intersex could be of any of a variety of experiences. When we are born, the hospital assigns our gender identity based on our external genitalia but also considers other sex characteristics. The four characteristics that a person’s sex, and in turn gender, is based on are external genitalia, internal genitalia and gonads or ovaries, hormones and chromosomes. For many folks, the four characteristics line up in a way that is expected from our doctors. For example, a baby born with a penis and testes, testosterone and XY chromosome pattern is assigned male and society assume them to identify as a boy. Not everyone assigned male at birth is born with these four characteristics lining up in this same way. Many people are born with any of these four characteristics lining up differently. This is intersex.

The Intersex Progress Pride Flag is a way of showing pride in and support for intersex folks who, like other identities within LGBTQ+ communities, have suffered discrimination and violence based on society’s gender and sexual norms and expectations.



EAN 8718788897157
Brand Mister B
Size One Size
Colour Mix
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