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Who is Mister Jock?

Hey, guys and dolls and everyone in between!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mister Jock! Mister Jock is a top-notch, fun and fabulous, gay and queer, all-about-underwear and jocks resource. Mister Jock is the go-to for all your undies needs, from full-coverage boxers to skimpy jocks, to sex toys and supplies and more. There is always room for more, more, more.

Here you can be the wet and wild, pink and glittery puppy or kinky and nasty pig you’ve always been meant to be. Mister Jock wants you to show off your inner unicorn and outer pig, all through your horny and fabulous clothes… or therefore lack of! Be ready for the circuit event, house party, Netflix and chill or summer day with a variety of items that will show off your body ody ody.

Discover new and exciting jockstraps, jock briefs, tank tops, short shorts and more with Mister Jock and feel the fantasy all year long. We strive to make sure you feel it, so that means stellar customer service and only the best quality products and brands. It’s all about making you feel just like Mister Jock: gorgeous!

You may be wondering, who is Mister Jock? Yes, they happen to be the new kid in town, but you should know they come from the house of B… the house of Mister B that is. Think of them as Mister B’s super-duper gay and gorgeous, much younger sibling. The unapologetically queer cutie that wants you to live your most fabulous raunchy and rainbow life in slutty jockstraps and other power bottoms, like short shorts and jock briefs, of course.

So take a look around and discover the you that you’ve always wanted to be. This is a judgement-free, sex-positive space and Mister Jock believes that we should all explore our sexuality and identity through our clothing, toys and accessories. So, take a look, poke around and get your hands on something fun. Be sickening, be proud, be drop-dead gorgeous. Be like me. I am Mister Jock.